Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Platonic Love

Hello People !

What is platonic love ?

Platonic love is a type of non-sexual love which is pure feeling
between men and women.

I do have my platonic love.
He stays at Penang.
Who is he ? Find it by yourself..

The word 'platonic love' 
start famous since H.A.C.K.S movie is screened..

One day, He (my PL) call me as Senget.
I don't understand why..
then, when I watch H.A.C.K.S movie,
 I understood why he kept calling me as Senget..

since that, we're declaring to be a platonic love partner..
hahaha... it just a sweet and old story..

p/s : PL = platonic love


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