Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Heart Tells

I should not have done that
I should have pretend not to know
Like I did not see it
Like I could not see it

I should not have looked at you in the first place
I should have run away
I should have pretended I was not listening
Like I did not hear it
Like I could not hear it
I should not have heard your love in the first place

Without a word you made me know what love is
Without a word you gave me your love
Made me fill myself with your every breath
Then you ran away

Without a word, love leaves me
Without a word, love abandons me
Wondering what to say next

My lips were suprised
It came without a word
Why does it hurt so much ?
Why does it hurt continuosly ?

Except for the fact that I cannot see you anymore
And that you are not here anymore
Otherwise, it will be just the same like before


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