Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hai Mr.Anonymous

Hai people !

This Mr.Anonymous has made me start blogging again..
Just now I've checked my blog, then I saw 2comments from ANONYMOUS..
ahaha.. chill lah..

I'm not understand why this type of people used ANONYMOUS to comment
on my entries... Are you not brave enough ?? I'm just kidding.. haha

It is up to you right ? yeah of course..

btw, nice to know you.. and please don't let me know who you are..
okay ? take care all.. I've a meeting with my bestie tonight.. daa...!

p/s : I'm not a good blogger. sorry.


Anonymous said...

aku tak ada Google Account, OpenId and etc tu semua. so tak salah kan aku gune Mr.A.

Kau mesti dah lupakan aku kan...

meisnani said...

Kalau kau berani sebut nama kau, aku mesti tau.. dan ingat.. sbb aku tak penah lupa lagi nama-nama yang pernah hadir dlm hidup aku.. dan itupun kalau kau berani bagitau nama kau..

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