Friday, April 20, 2012

Test !

Morning to peeps that having a same probs like me which
is can't sleep..

I can't having my sleep just because of a mosquito !
I hate it.. it has bite my leg and around my body.. ! erghh ~,~

okay let's move on the real issues that I wanna share..
On Monday, I have 2 paper to be answered.. and it is my final exam !
which are Open Source and Web Programming paper...

and my last paper (last pappperrr *johan n zizan action)
gonna be held one 30 of April 2012..
on 1 May, I can have a big smile and my LIFE...

p.s : please recite the 'DOA' for me okay ! thanks !  ^_^


khairul said...

abg doakan yg terbaek yer

AzwanRamli said...


meisnani said...

Khairul : thanks doakan nani ye.. Alhamdulillah da selamat da jawab final .. =)

Azwan : mane blog hang ??

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