Monday, October 01, 2012


Wake up early in the morning...
Start thinking about my upcoming life..  
And the most important thing that I'm thinking now
is my lappy (IRON GIRL)..

I knew she's tough... I just want her back..
I wanna holding and sleep with it...
I can't accept when the repairman said that my lappy
has made him dizzy.. ermm !!

Yesterday I saw mmy Iron Girl and it was really in a bad condition..
Malay word says ------> BARAI
yeahh it is to bad condition...
And what can I do ?? 
Crying over the night... She's my first property
that I buy shares with my mom's money..
And I knew how hard to get it...
So, when she's can't be heal by the repairman
I'm getting sad and depressed....

p/s : not in mood !!!


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