Friday, October 19, 2012

Happy Mood !!!

wahh dah lame asenye ta menulis ni... hehe..
I'm back to being a SINGLE...

Am I sad ? of coz yeah.. but for one night only..
why not for one month or one year ??
bcoz I've do my best for him..
but he not appreciated it..nevermind dude..
Maybe this is the fate that has been written in my life..
I'm just accepted it.. :) 
Thanks Allah for giving me a strengthness to face it..

Now, I'm in happy mood back ^_^
coz I'm not losing my family and friends.. 
and last but not least I got 2 new friends on this semester..
both of them are nice..:) 
thanks dude for supporting me..

p/s : me-is-nani


Anonymous said...

SINGLE dah? boleh masuk jarum ni

meisnani said...

sy bukan kain perca utk awok masukkan jarum... ahaha

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