Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Practical Day 2

Hai People !

Yesterday I forgot to update my entry for my second day as intern.. Sorry ^^
I thought I will not doing ANYTHING again.. but we went to somewhere..
SOMEWHERE??? hahhaa jgn nak somewhere sangatla kan??
we went to SYABAS OM..

We went there to do the maintenance for pc..
then, we went back to the office..
yup once again.. I forgot to tell you.. I'm working with
someone..He's Mr.Izham..
so, I should follow him always.. don't misunderstanding about us..
It is just about the work.. Plus, he already someone's husband..
He married to Kak Fadhilah.. :)

p/s : more better than yesterday.


Afiqah Nur Sabrina said...

jom join :)

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